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Your contribution will help secure the future existence and further expansion of the Good Shepherd Nursery / Primary School  in South East Nigeria. With it, children of destitute families of the community of Ogbunka can be provided with education and new opportunities for their future.

Become a member of the Chukwuemerie Social Project Austria today; we gladly welcome any kind of help. Together we can promote our projects and find new supporters. Our association is made up of the motivation of its members. This is what makes it a platform for like-minded people to meet and share their ideas and drive. It provides the possibility to do good and actively support children in need.

There are 3 types of membership:



  • You can become a full member by paying an annual membership fee, which is renewed automatically every year for another year with each new payment. The member fee of 10 euros per year is used for the salary of teachers, school material, maintenance of the buildings and, if possible, for new projects.    

  • Sponsors who contribute generous one-time donations are refered to as associate members. 

  • Honorary members, like dean Johann Gmeiner, are elected by the head of the association.    

Our association is listed in the central register of associations under the number 369046228, registered at the district administration of Ried im Innkreis, Upper Austria.

The Good Shepherd Nursery / Primary School in South East Nigeria benefits without deductions from your membership fee, since our work is entirely non-profit oriented. ‚Father John‘ personally transfers all donations to bishop Dr. Paulinus Ezeokafor of the diocese of Awka, who then sends it to the school and monitors the use of the funds. The responsibility for monitoring finances and work, filing reports and conveying the records for calculation lies with the priest, the parish council, the head of the school and the Parent-Teachers-Association (PTA).

Rest assured that not a single cent will be used for other matters. We entirely carry the costs for travels, marketing etc. ourselves.

Without your support, we cannot realise the important measures for the children in Ogbunka.
Please help us help them.