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The third building for Good Shepherd Nursery/Primary School Ogbunka was built in autemn 2016 at the parish centre. It has four classrooms for computer classes and an office, all designed to be accessible to handicap persons. The house is now completely paid for, thanks to generous donations. It remains money for the computers, accessories, furniture as well as solar energy equipment that will supply the electric power needed.

All can be bought in Nigeria and the installation can equally be done by local people. This will benefit those in the region and your contribution will have double effect.

Fr. John will transfer all contributions to Most Rev. Dr. Paulinus Ezeokafor, the diocesan bishop of Awka diocese, who sends the money  to the school and ensures that it is properly utilised. The school manager Rev. Fr. Boniface Ubaka, takes care of the work, gives account of the money and sends the account with receipts to the organisation.

NEEDED ARE: €   5.500,-- for computers
                     €   4.500,-- for installations
                     € 10.000,-- for solar energy


protective wall

644 meters in length around the school area
Needed: € 15.000,--

100% pledged

computer house

Needed: € 10.000,-- for computers and furnitures 
              € 10.000,-- for solar energy

10% pledged