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KIDS IN NIGERIA is constantly seeking to realise important projects for the Good Shepherd Nursery / Primary School. On this page we would like to list the most urgent projects, so you know what your money will be used for. We gladly appreciate monetary donations, donations in kind and helping hands for purchase and construction of the following:




  • The most urgent action is the construction of a protective wall of 644 meters in length around the whole school area (1740 m²). Nowadays, everyone in Nigeria needs a wall around the house for protection against thieves and criminal gangs that destroy everything.    

  • For reasons of safety, a well for the school, directly funneling the water to the school buildings, has to be put up. At the moment, water has to be collected at the village well, 1 kilometer away from the school.    

  • Since the power supply in the country is very liable to break down, with regular powercuts lasting up to several days, solar panels should help secure the power supply of the Good Shepherd Nursery / Primary School

  • Also, the required resources for well-trained teachers have increased. The current salary for the teachers at the Good Shepherd Nursery / Primary School is not enough for them to make a living, so most of them have second jobs and are very likely to leave the school. It is required for teachers to present the „West African School Certificate“ (WASC) or a „Teacher‘s Certificate Grade 2“ for working in the nursery school and the „National Certificate of Education“ (NCE) for working in the primary school. Wages are funded by donations and school fees are paid by our sponsors. 

  • During rough weather conditions, like the so-called ‚Harmattan´dust storms or the rainy season, holding the morning gatherings and competitions is impossible. A roofed school hall will make it possible to stick to these activities on a regular basis.

  • Additionally, a building for computer lessons for pupils in higher classes is needed. 

  • Generally, the school does offer toys and sports equipment, yet there is not enough for all the children. To make matters worse, many belongings of the school have been destroyed or stolen by youth gangs lately. We are trying to replace these things for the kids.

  • Currently, there is no possibility to provide pupils and teachers with food. So, the installation of a school kitchen is planned. 

We depend on your support to put these important measures into practice. Please help us.