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One day, on his way to an annointing of the sick in his community Ogbunka in South East Nigeria‚ ‚Father John‘ saw some children walking in the opposite direction of where the school was. So he stopped and asked them why they didn‘t go to school. They looked at him and explained: „We have to crush stones to help our family earn money. We can‘t afford going to school.“ This was when ‚Father John‘ decided to help and thus founded a social welfare project.


With the support of his parish and church, the first primary school class could be held in 1995 in the parsonage of Ogbunka. In 1998, ‚Father John‘ received a generous donation from the Vatican. When he came to Austria in early 2000, he presented his project to the priest of Grieskirchen, Mag. Johann Gmeiner, who instantly got involved and thanks to whose efforts more funds could be raised. With all this help, the first school building could be put up on Ogbunka community land in the state of Anambra. Priest Gmeiner personally laid the foundation stone: the Good Shepherd Nursery / Primary School, state-approved since 2002, was set up. The generous support of the state of Upper Austria made it possible to finish a second school building in 2006. A third one for toilets could be constructed in 2009, thanks to donations. ‚Father John‘ gets in touch with the school regularly and travels to visit the kids in person as often as possible.



GOOD SHEPHERD NURSERY / PRIMARY SCHOOL provides a future for 300 young people
Today, there are 3 nursery school groups and 6 primary school classes for 300 children between the ages of 1 and 14. Rev. Sr. Mary Placid Ukwuoma takes care of them together with 10 teachers. Thanks to the help of numerous sponsors taking over the education fees for various kids, and donations of private persons, companies, organisations and cultural associations, the school is still active today and continues to pave the way for a better future of hundreds of children.    

Until now, ‚Father John‘ could only transfer those funds each month which he himself could put up and which were given to him by supporters for his travels to Nigeria. So, in 2014, the ‚Chukwuemerie Social Project Austria Association‘ was founded in order to maintain regular financial support and thereby secure the future existence and further development of the Good Shepherd Nursery / Primary School. The aim is to receive all kids of school age living in the area that cannot afford school fees and make a good education available for them - from primary school level to high school studies. In general, we support all children and students in all of Nigeria that come to us seeking help.    

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