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„Provide education for all without discrimination“ [Konfuzius (551-479 B.C.), Chinese philosopher]


In mid-2014, the Chukwuemerie Social Project Austria Association was founded by Mag. Dr.phil. John Umeojiakor, together with Melitta Walchetseder. Chukwuemerie - pronounced as it is written „tschukwuëmerië“- is a common name in Nigeria meaning „God wins“. ‚Father John‘, for example, is called Chukwuemerie as well.    



  • The association, which is a non-profit organisation, has its registered office in Aurolzmünster in Upper Austria. Its activities stretch all over the world.    

  • Its purpose is the regular support of the Good Shepherd Nursery / Primary School  in the community of Ogbunka in the state of Anambra in South East Nigeria, as well as providing children of poor families in the Orumba South Local Government Area with the possibility of a solid education. 

  • In connection with this specific type of development aid, the association aims at collecting funds for the maintenaince of the school and further development of the project in order to mentor more kids and eventually offer a secondary education.
  • Another primary goal is the collection of funds for scholarships offered to pupils and students in need, in order to enable them to go to highschool.    

  • Therefore, the association is looking for new members,  willing to both support the projects and actively join in on raising awareness and making the Good Shepherd Nursery / Primary School better known, thus attracting more supporters.