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Children are our future. But what kind of future do children have without access to education? The kids in Nigeria (West Africa) are highly motivated to learn. They know that education is their key to a self-determined life.


Unfortunately, most parents can barely provide enough food for their family, not to mention education for their kids. This leads to only half of the population of school age actually going to school. Girls mostly end up in arranged marriages or are being sold. Young men tend to join the military troops, since their lack of education doesn‘t leave them with many alternatives to earn a living.


Mag. Dr. phil. John Umeojiakor, known as ‚Father John‘, seeked to break this vicious cycle and built a school. Today, thanks to the support of our sponsors and donators, 300 children in South East Nigeria have the possibility to go to school on a regular basis. The school fee for one child comes to 14,000 Naira per year, which is about 70 euros.